Welcome to my blog My name is Sthembile Nothando, hence the name Thandoh. I love reading a lot. Starting my own personal blog is a hobby that I wanted to embark on for quiet a while. I recently decided to put a stop to the procrastination and BOOM here I am! I am super excited […]

Hello book lovers!! It’s been a hot minute since I posted a book review LOL. I did mention on my September wrap-up (here) that I might be busy this month as it’s my birthday month. I did not read anything for 3 weeks, which is bad LOL. Today, I am review the first book I […]

Hello book-lovers!! I usually get questions about why I read so many books, thus leading to this blog post. Today, I share some of the reasons why I love reading. I am kind of anticipating that, if you are reading this post, it probably means you love reading too LOL. Below are some of the […]

Hello Booklovers The year is almost over, like in 2 months. Which is crazy, right??? Where has the year even gone??? Seriously, I can’t believe that it’s almost the end of the year. Anyways, today I decided to write a post about the books I plan to read before the year ends. I only included […]

Hello Book Lovers!! I know it’s 2 days prior to month-end, but I know I won’t be reading anything in those two days, let alone finish it. Thus I decided to upload my September wrap-up earlier. I hope you guys had a wonderful reading month. My goal for September was to complete 3 books, yet […]

Hello book lovers!! I am back today with another spoiler free review of a book “Year of Yes”. This book totally changed my life and I would highly recommend you guys to read it. Author: Shonda Rhimes Published: November 10, 2015 Pages: 311 Buy here SUMMARY Fear holds us back from the things we want […]

Hello fellow book lovers!! In today’s post we review a South African debut Novel “The Yearning”, which has gained a lot of hype from the time it was released. Author: Mohale Mashigo Release Date: 2016 Page count: 187 Buy here SUMMARY We follow the story of the main protagonist, Marubini. She grew up in Soweto, […]

Hello book-lovers!! In today’s post we talk about a YA book “When Dimple Met Rishi”. This has been one of my most anticipated read. In this post I share my spoiler free review, let’s get to it. Author: Sandhya Menon Title: When Dimple Met Rishi Published Date: May 30, 2017 Buy here SUMMARY This book […]

Hello Book-lovers!!! A DISCLAIMER!! If you haven’t read Red Queen yet, you probably shouldn’t continue reading this post. Click here for my spoiler free review of Red Queen. Unless, you want to be spoiled, by all means please continue reading LOL. Now that we’ve cleared that out, let’s get started!! SUMMARY Glass sword picks up […]

Summary The hate you give follows the main character Starr, a sixteen-year old girl who lives in a lower class neighborhood. She goes to a private school that is white dominated and she is one of the few black students. Her childhood friend Khalil is murdered by a police officer and Starr is the only […]

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